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Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach possesses an equal amount of astonishing ocean views and beautiful modern coastal homes.

Welcome to Manhattan Beach

Located 19 miles southwest of Downtown Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach is home to a multitude of people. Manhattan Beach possesses an equal amount of astonishing ocean views, beautiful modern coastal homes and 48 acres of major park land. Home to many of the Los Angeles Kings players, the city where Sketchers began and where many families reside, Manhattan Beach is a perfect balance of a safe and bustling city. With many miles of the Strand bike path, a 928 foot pier, and miles of beachfront properties, Manhattan Beach's luxurious community brings the slow and fast parts of life to a perfect medium. 

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping 

Manhattan Beach offers a delicious array of restaurants. Esperanza, is a Mexican restaurant giving modern interpretations of traditional Sonoran cuisine. They have created a sophisticated, coastal design with handcrafted materials incorporated in their restaurant.  Expertly crafted bar program and deliciously composed dishes keeps your mouth watering until your next visit. If you are craving a local seafood restaurant head over to Fishing with Dynamite. This seafood restaurant presents old school traditional seafood fare, new school dishes, as well as an oyster bar. With a whopping 32 seats rest assured the wait is well worth the experience you receive. For a lively and delicious steak dinner you will have to make a reservation for Arthur J.  This neighborhood steakhouse features a massive wood-fired grill along with perfectly paired side dishes inspired from the chef-owner's own travels. For something on the sweeter side, Manhattan Beach Creamery is a great shop to stop in. Well known for their creamwich cookie sandwiches there's something sweet that everyone will like! Beckers Bakery, is also a delicious bakery and deli that is absolutely perfect for cookies, cupcakes and beautifully designed cakes! If you're looking for a place to get your morning started at, Two Guns will give you the most fresh coffee, teas and breakfast. Their specially roasted coffee beans and delicious stan-wich, that has a pretzel bun, fried egg, pesto, arugula, tomato and prosciutto will boost your morning and your day to its fullest extent. 

Manhattan Beach has many stores to choose from when going on your next shopping adventure. Wright's, a men and women's clothing boutique gets only the best quality and has a thoughtfully curated collection of products to choose from. Aviator Nation, or better known as AV, is a 1970's inspired California lifestyle brand. AV provides a striking look to sweatpants and hoodies that make it acceptable to wear wherever you go! 

Manhattan Beach offers lots of holiday events including a Fourth of July Firework show from the beach, holiday pier lighting, sidewalk sales, summer concert in the park series and many more events.

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