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Kristiane Thompson

Kristiane Thompson

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Meet Kristiane, a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in marketing, sales, and management. Born and raised in Northern California, her heart has remained deeply connected to the region, even as she has called Southern California home for the past 15 years. Being a true California native, she possesses invaluable insights into the state's diverse real estate market.

Passionate about people and creating memorable experiences, Kristiane has a keen appreciation for the art of design, construction, and the creative elements that transform a mere house into a warm and inviting home. Her skillful negotiation abilities and forward-thinking approach to data analytics enable her to find innovative solutions, ensuring her clients receive the best possible outcomes.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Kristiane finds solace in nature, indulges her passion for cooking, and loves bringing people together. Whether hosting a Niners game gathering or her annual Christmas party, she finds joy in fostering authentic friendships with her clients. Kristiane is committed to not only helping them find their dream home but also ensuring they discover a deep sense of belonging and happiness in their real estate journey, all while forging lasting connections along the way.

When another Realtor likes your page, you know it's the real thing. Kathy and I worked together and created a life long respect for each other. We love the way we de...

Hustle and Heart

This sister-in-law duo is passionate about delivering exceptional customer experiences and fostering forever relationships. They value communication, integrity, and attention to detail and have been guiding their clients skillfully throughout their real estate journeys for over a decade.
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